Our small firm specializes in condo and residential home remodels, new construction and commercial projects. 

Every project we do follows a design phase process that allows us to narrow a project down to the exact desires of our clients.

Schematic Design Phase

A series of plan and design options are presented to the Client.  At subsequent meetings the plans are revised and synthesized until a schematic plan that incorporates the best design solution for all elements of the project is arrived at.

Design Development Phase

After plan options are discussed and agreed upon by the Client, the schematic plan is developed and documentation of the scheme is provided in the form of plans, elevations and sections, as required.  At this stage materials will be proposed and presented.  By the beginning of the Construction Drawing Phase all materials will be presented.

Construction Document Phase

A full set of construction drawings and specifications will be produced including all information needed for the general contractor to obtain the required building permits to proceed with the project. The project manager/contractor at this point has all necessary information to provide a firm construction bid.

Construction Administration Phase

This phase of work includes supervision of construction through completion.  The Consultants work directly with the contractor to facilitate that all work done conforms to the construction drawings and specifications.  The Consultant will be available for site visits and consultation at all stages of construction and will keep the Client up to date on the progress of the project.


Our abiltiy to help clients articulate, develop and achieve thier vision is the result of our commitment to their needs and goals.  The strength of a positive relationship that is formed between the design team, the client and the contractor is key to the success of our projects.